Seems like this month is flying by, another week has already passed! Luckily for you, this also means that there are a number of new items out from Clutter for Builders at a promotional price for a little while. Come check them out at the mainstore before the dates indicated because afterward the price will go up!

Builder’s Bargains: Aug 9 – 12

Clutter - Mesh Kit - Kally Sandwich Board - ad
L$120 – will be L$300

Super Sales Weekend: Aug 10 – 12

Clutter - Dru Fabric Textures 01 - 12PK - ad
L$120 – will be L$300

Steals & Deals: Aug 10 – 13

Clutter - Dru Fabric Textures 02 - 12PK - ad
L$120 – will be L$300

Skull-N-Bones Caribbean Adventure L$2 Hunt: Aug 5 – Sept 5

Clutter - Bonny Fabric Textures - 20PK - ad
L$2 – retail value: L$500

Alice in Wonderland L$1 Hunt: Aug 10 – Sept 10

Clutter - Wonderland Paper Textures - 10PK - ad
L$1 – retail value: L$250

Make sure to take note on when the prices will change because it varies by item and you don’t want to miss out!

Please remember that all items are covered by our user license agreement.