Clutter for Builders has new items with promotional pricing for a limited time!

New for Builder’s Bargains:  July 6-9  

L$125 (will be L$350) – A cute little hand weight animation that should work for both males and females.  You can find the hand weight mesh kit at Tool Shed.

New for Super Sales Weekend:  July 7-9

L$99 (will be L$300)

New for Steals & Deals:  July 7-10

L$150 (will be L$400)

New for The Summer Full Perm Fair:  July 7-31

L$120 (will be L$300)

New for The Home Show 2017 – July 8-29

L$140 each (will be L$350 each).  Unusual bar animations, geared toward female and smaller male avs.  Shown on a partial set up of Tool Shed’s Home Show release.  (Fallacy’s booth is right next to mine!)

New for The Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt:  June 21-July 21

L$1 (retail value:  L$400)

Thanks so much for taking a look and your patience during my absence.  It’s good to be back.