Clutter for Builders has new seasonal, fabric textures, wood textures, and mesh kits with promotional pricing for a limited time.  All items are governed by our user license agreement and are available at our main store unless otherwise indicated.

New for Builder’s Bargains:  June 16-19 (available at The Creators Market)

L$200 - will be L$500
L$200 – will be L$500
L$150 - will be L$400
L$150 – will be L$400
L$100 - will be L$250
L$100 – will be L$250


New for Sixty Linden Weekends:  June 18-19

L$60 - will be L$300
L$60 – will be L$300

New for Steals & Deals:  June 17-20

L$175 - will be L$525
L$175 – will be L$525
L$175 - will be L$450
L$175 – will be L$450

New for Super Sales Weekend:  June 17-19

L$99 - L$400
L$99 – L$400

Thanks so much for taking a look.