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Clutter for Builders User License

Clutter for Builders User License Agreement

By purchasing from Clutter for Builders are you purchasing a license which grants certain rights to use the textures, sculpts, mesh, poses, animations, sounds, scripts or kits (henceforth referred to as components) contained within a package, and you agree to the  following terms and conditions:

1. Clutter for Builders components are strictly for content creation in the virtual world of Second Life™. At this time, exports and uploads to all other grids are strictly prohibited, except to those people who have already purchased a limited license for a specific grid.

2. Clutter for Builders components may not be resold, given away, or otherwise distributed as components to any avatar under any circumstance.

3. Finished goods made with components from Clutter for Builders may be sold with transfer OR copy permissions. They may NOT be sold or otherwise distributed with transfer AND copy permissions, to any avatar under any circumstances.

In other words:

You may NOT:
1. Resell and/or redistribute any components that you buy or receive from Clutter for Builders, as components. This includes, but is not limited to, BIAB’s (Business in a Box), resell shops, freebie stores, builders kits, distributing to friends, alts, group gifts, etc. This also applies to the Second Life Marketplace™, or any other form of website. Altering said items/components for the purpose of reselling and/or redistrubution as components is also prohibited.

2. Use any components that you buy or receive from Clutter for Builders in any virtual world, game, grid, etc. other than Second Life™.

3. Sell nor give away your finished products using any components that you buy or receive from Clutter for Builders with both copy AND transfer permissions.

You MAY:
1. Use Clutter for Builders components for your finished products to be sold and/or given away in Second Life™, as long as the product permissions are no opy OR no transfer.

2. Download Clutter for Builders textures to your computer for making clothing designs, adding AO shaders, color adjustments, etc. – for use in your creations in Second Life™ ONLY (not to be redistributed as textures, baked or otherwise).

All components remain Copyright © 2011 Kat Alderson.

Clutter, Clutter for Builders are trademarks of Kat Alderson.

Terms were updated June 6, 2015 and are effective immediately.

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