The Creators Market at Clutter is a collective release and sale venue.  To maintain a presence, you must participate in at least one of our regular events (listed below) each month.  The monthly participation fee which includes  display space is L$800 per month for 40 prims and is due on the last day of each month.



Event participation and notice group privileges require you maintain a rental in good standing at The Creators Market (display space info below).

  • You must keep a current Builder’s Bargain group joiner with a Creators Market landmark giver rezzed in your main store.
  • New products must be exclusive to the Creators Market for the duration of the event.
  • Sale prices on previously released items must be exclusive to the Creators Market for the duration of the event.
  • Products must be full perm, or copy/transfer creators scripts or no-transfer building tools and tutorials.
  • Products must be created by you.  It is permissible to use resources for which you have obtained licenses but there MUST be substantial changes and originality.
  • All product ads given to us must be 512 x 512 or 512 x 256:  Include your store name or store initials at the beginning or your product ad (texture) name.
  • Questions and comments should be addressed to Kat Alderson or Fallacy DeCuir in IM.  No notecards.


  • No multi-item vendors.
  • No hover text.
  • No rezzing on the exterior of your stall.
  • No glow, lights, particles, or poofers which extend beyond the bounds of your display stall.
  • No listening scripts- this includes, but is not limited to greeters, traffic counters, and inventory givers.


Copyright and trademark violations, drama, threats,  abuse of staff, and hate-related content are not tolerated. There is no democratic process in SL – we reserve the right to refuse any applicant, discontinue the services, and change the rules.  Payments are non-refundable.

There will be no exceptions to rules and deadlines. We will disregard incorrectly formatted notecards, and will not list items which are not out and priced correctly by deadline.