Notice privileges in the Builder’s Bargains group are reserved exclusively for active merchants at The Creators Market.  To be considered active you must participate in one of our events once per month.

  • All notices must be for full perm products or creators resources, created by you.
  • Limit of two notices per calendar week.  (Sunday through Saturday.)
  • Notices must be for your products and must have a NOTECARD, created by you, attached.
  • Absolutely no mention of any freebies in the body of your notice, in the notice title, or the title of your notecard. Mention these things inside your notecard.
  • You may embed notecards and/or landmarks for sales, hunts and fairs in which you are participating inside your product notecard.
  • You may not send event applications, sale lists, hunt lists, or fair information directly to the group.

Thank you for your consideration.