BUILDER’S BARGAINS RULES:  Effective November 1, 2017
Builder’s Bargains is weekly sale of new items which runs from Thursday through Sunday.  The product list is published on Wednesday evening.  All products must be at least 50% off.

  • You will need to keep a copy of the Builder’s Bargains group joiner in your store.
  • ALL of your items must be NEW, created by YOU, exclusive to BB for the duration of the round, and at least 50% off retail. (Limit four items per round).
  • Complete the BB Ads notecard and drop it in the mailbox in the Builder’s Bargains office by 5 p.m. SLT on Sunday.
  • Pay the L$100 participation fee when you drop off your notecard.
  • Products must be in your display space, priced correctly and marked with the official event tag, by 5pm SLT on Wednesday.
  • You may put one group joiner in your display space and one redelivery terminal, as long as they fit in your space with no overhang.
  • No decorations in your display space.  If you are listing mesh items in a given week, you may rez a demo, as long as it fits in your display space with no overhang.
  • Single item vendors only.
  • Absolutely no flashing signs, no hover text, no traffic counters, no bright lights, no excessive glow.
  • Share the complete list with your update group and subscriber group, no later than Saturday.


  • On weeks you participate in the Builder’s Bargains sale event, you will be able to send two (2) notices for new items to the Builder’s Bargains notice group.
  • All notices MUST have a notecard attachment – any ads or landmarks you wish to send must be stapled to the notecard.
  • All notices MUST contain news about at least one new product.
  • Your notices must be about YOUR products.
  • Absolutely NO mention of any freebies in the body of your notice, in the notice title, or the title of your notecard. Mention these things inside your notecard.
  • You may embed notecards and/or landmarks for sales, hunts and fairs in which you are participating inside your product notecard.
  • You may not send event applications, sale lists, hunt lists, or fair information directly to the group.